Our Mission

To provide a quality service that ensures safety, compassion, knowledge, and care by listening and helping our members through consistency, teamwork, and high ethical standards.

Our Vision

Inteli-Care’s vision is being 100% member focused. The people we service are our number one priority. Our vision and goal is to accomplish this through a team oriented system. Inteli-Care strives for Innovation: being a leader, being on the cutting edge of technology, and setting the standard in the home healthcare industry. Inteli-Care values Integrity which very simply means always doing the right thing. Our employees are expected to live up to high ethical standards and to make the extra effort to ensure our members are receiving the highest level of care. Our quality assurance program is state of the art and all caregivers are evaluated regularly to assure they are meeting our Standards of Excellence. Standard of Excellence to Inteli-Care means setting the bar high and providing superior service. In short, Inteli-Care is 100% member driven and focused; serving our members is our number one priority.

Our Values

Inteli-Care believes in high Standards of Excellence for all of its employees. The Company’s Core Values are:

  • Teamwork Unites
  • Empathize and be Compassionate
  • Attitude is Power
  • Motivate and Strive to help Everyone win
  • Take Risks
  • Lead and be the Example
  • Communicate to Achieve Greatness