Private Pay

Why Choose Inteli-Care for Private Pay?:

At Inteli-Care, we strive to provide our clients with the highest standards in service, confidentiality and reliability. From intake to delivering caregiving services, we are confident you will feel at ease and in the comfort of good hands. Our well-trained caregivers are professionals with years of experience and knowledge. They know how to handle problematic situations and are always learning how to better care for the clients they serve.

Private Pay Intake Process:

Once an initial call is placed to one of our offices, we assign a specific plan administrator who will gather all the necessary information to begin services. From this point, a member of the our team will visit the home for a free in-home consultation. Once the initial consultation is complete, we develop a comprehensive personal care service plan that suits the needs of the client and their family. Our team, works very hard to consider the importance of compatibility between the client and the caregiver and makes every possible effort to ensure a satisfactory experience.