Mandatory Policy Review

You may download the checklist directly from here to use for key reference points: Mandatory Policy Review Checklist

All PCA’s must complete this training as part of their yearly compliance. You may use the links below to help you access the Employee Portal or specific training study guides.

Mandatory Policy Review: You are required to annually review each of the following IC policies.  You may use the links below to review each policy in the Employee Portal.  When you have reviewed each policy, you must complete the Mandatory Policy Review test.

You must complete the Mandatory Skills Review Quiz certifying that you have reviewed this checklist and each of the mandatory policies and documentation referenced:

Enter your email address, full name and your Inteli-Care office to begin the test.  Inteli-Care Offices are:  ABQ-Albuquerque, SF-Santa Fe, SOC-Socorro, SR-Santa Rosa.  You will receive an email with your results.

This "quiz" does not test competency, but rather is the way an employee will certify that s/he has initially and annually reviewed the mandatory policies.

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Your full name (first last):