• Inteli-Care, LLC

    Personal In-Home Care for the Elderly and Developmentally Disabled
  • Focus

    Our Focus is on Providing Our Members with the Highest Level of Care
  • Mission

    To provide a Quality Service to Our Members
  • Integrity

    We Make the Right Decision & Do What Is Best for Our Members
Mission Statement
To provide a quality service that ensures safety , compassion, knowledge and care by listening and helping our members through consistency, teamwork and high ethical standards.

Company's Values
Commitment, Reliability, Trust, Hard Work, Honesty, Respect and Encouragement are the values set by Inteli-Care. It is these values that give Inteli-Care a solid reputation in the Home Healthcare Industry. These values are the Standard of Excellence for all Inteli-Care employees.
  • Member Focused
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Standard of Excellence
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